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Title Bowled Over - The Bowling Greens of Britain
Author Hugh Hornby (Editor Simon Inglis)
Publisher Historic England, London and Swindon, England
Publication date October 2015 (delayed because other books in this series have taken priority)
ISBN 1-905624-98-0
Edition reviewed 1st
Hardback/softback Softback
List price 17.99
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
21.0 x 21.2
Number of pages 232
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings
  387 68 42
Synopsis Bowled Over is an exceptional groundbreaking book - the first to comprehensively look at the importance and crucial role of bowls in British sporting history. Brilliantly researched and written by bowls historian Hugh Hornby it is profusely illustrated with close to 500 photographs and drawings, including specially commissioned mapping. The book is a visual celebration of bowling architecture - from fine pavilions and sophisticated clubhouses to quaint village greens, and greens in pleasure gardens, country houses, castles, pubs and breweries - and highlights the importance of cherishing and preserving these unique historic assets.

Hugh traces the history of the game from Sir Francis Drake and Charles I to the pristine suburban clubs of 21st century Britain and the indoor greens of modern holiday camps. He explains how different codes of bowling have emerged since Elizabethan times in different parts of the country; for example crown green bowls in Lancashire and Yorkshire, with its undulating greens, professional competitions and gambling culture, and flat green in southern England and Scotland, with its measured formality and amateur ethos.

Delightfully quirky, Bowled Over is the perfect gift for sports, history and heritage enthusiasts and will enthral those who play the game, whether novices or seasoned veterans.

The list of contents is as follows:


  1. Bowls in Britain
  2. Bowling Greens
  3. Bowling Clubs
  4. Medieval Bowls, Romance and Bias
  5. Tudor and Stuarts 1485-1688
  6. England 1688-1830
  7. Scotland to 1892
  8. England and Wales 1830-1914
  9. Britain 1918-1939
  10. Indoor Bowling
  11. Britain 1945-1990
  12. Bowls Today
  13. Conclusions