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Title Bowl Better with Exercise
Featuring Mark Kesby with Karen Murphy, Ian Taylor and Kristen Green
Produced by Dianne Houssarini
First produced 1998
Approximate running time 30 minutes
Recommended retail price $A24.95
Colour encoding system PAL and NTSC
Video cassette format VHS
Code None
Synopsis Mark Kesby is a manipulative physiotherapist in Australia who has been bowling competitively for 11 years. He has therefore been able to produce this video on the exercise needs of the lawn bowler from first-hand experience.

To deliver a bowl well, along the proper line, and to be able to do it repetitively, we require flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. These four factors will deteriorate due to the ageing process thus affecting our ability to bowl consistently well. You can negate these effects of ageing by doing the appropriate exercises now. This video not only advises on stretching exercises but also on improving your balance and coordination.

The areas dealt with in the video are: toes and soles of feet; calf; hamstrings; quadriceps (thighs); hip; low back; neck; shoulders; fingers; body stability and balance; and strengthening exercises. A suggested warm-up routine prior to playing is also demonstrated.