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Haggerty, Joe Bowls - The Haggerty Way
Haley, Edgar R The Construction of the Lawn Bowling Green bowling green icon
Haley, Edgar R The Maintenance of the Lawn Bowling Green bowling green icon
Hall-Bentick, June Bunnies on the Green
Hammill, Josh Ditties for Bowlers
Hammond, Paul The Bowling Club
Hammond, Paul Going Indoors
Hammond, Paul The New Season
Hankinson, J T and Phillips, Walter Bowls - Technique and Tactics
Hardley, John William History of the New Zealand Bowlers' Tour, 1928 . . .
Hargraft, Geo R, McCulloch, Q D, et al The Canadian Lawn Bowlers' Handbook 1903
Harris, Frank A The History of Indoor Bowls in New Zealand 1913-1938
Harrison, Richard Thomas Bowls - The Text Book of the Game
Harrison, Richard Thomas How to Become a Champion at Bowls
Hartley, James The Ancient Game of Bowls and its Modern Practice
Hartley, James Bowler's Complete Guide to the Crown Green and Rink Games
Hartley, James Bowls - How to Play the Crown Green and Rink Games
Hartley, James How to Play Bowls Scientifically
Hawkes, Ken and Lindley, Gerard Encyclopaedia of Bowls
Haynes, Alfred H The Story of Bowls
Heath, Ian The Golden Rules of Bowls
Hellard, Norman A Study of the Game of Bowls
Hoey, Tom Bowls - The Australian Way
Hoey, Tom Instant Lawn Bowls
Holroyd, Arthur T Bowls and Bowling
Hope, E A Just Bowling Along - A Lighthearted Look at Bowls
Hornby, Hugh Bowled Over - The Bowling Greens of Britain bowling green icon
Hotchkiss, Felix The Art of Bowls
Hotchkiss, Felix The Game of Bowls
Howell, William  Bowling Greens bowling green icon
Huddle, Robert Lawn Bowls Coaching for Players and Coaches ebook icon
Hulbert, Patrick Bowls - Making the Most of Your Game
IOG and EBA Annual Maintenance of the Bowling Green bowling green icon
Irish, Bill Championship Bowls
'Jack High' Practical Hints on Bowling
Jensen, Macka Gyrostatic Delivery Technique ebook icon
Jepson, Jock Lawn Bowls - Winning Techniques