picture on front cover/dust jacket
Title All About Bowls - The History, Construction & Maintenance of Bowling Greens
Editor Jeff Perris
Publisher The Sports Turf Research Institute, Bingley, West Yorkshire, England
First published 1988
ISBN 1-873431-06-6
Edition reviewed 3rd (published 2008)
Hardback/softback Hardback
List price £22.50
Cover size (cm)
(height x width)
23.9 x 16.0
Number of pages 224
Number of pages with Coloured photos Black & white photos Line drawings/graphics
  34 15 31
Synopsis The original 'greenkeeping bowls bible', Bowling Greens - Their History, Construction and Maintenance, has now been superseded by this new, full colour version with a fresh title. Editor Jeff Perris, Sports Turf Research Institute's (STRI) Consultant Agronomist for 42 years, has brought the publication up to date with revised and additional content, new photographs and graphics.

The chapter headings, that in the book are broken down to over 60 sub-headings, are as follows:

  • The History of the Game
  • The Development of Greens and Greenkeeping (Prior to 1945)
  • Bowling Green Evolution: 1945 to the Present Day
  • Modern Bowling Green Construction
  • Modern Bowling Green Maintenance: The Assessment of a Green and the Calendar of Required Work
  • Modern Bowling Green Maintenance: Fertility and Top Dressing
  • Modern Bowling Green Maintenance: Mechanical Work
  • Modern Bowling Green Maintenance: Water and Irrigation
  • Modern Bowling Green Maintenance: The Control of Weeds, Moss, Pests and Diseases
  • Modern Bowling Green Maintenance: Miscellaneous Work

Three technical appendices, acknowledgements and a page on the work of the STRI conclude this long-awaited publication.

All About Bowls is an indispensable, authoritative aid to all bowling clubs and greenkeepers in providing a comprehensive year round guide to the management of both flat and crown greens. It is fully endorsed by Bowls England, who provided the book's foreword, and the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA).

The book may be purchased from Amazon. The first 58 pages are also viewable online here.